Dui Insurance Ontario

dui insurance ontario

Driving impaired in Ontario is a serious and criminal offence. A DUI or DWI is also a strict auto policy violation of the Ontario Automobile Policy, or OAP 1.

Drinking and driving, or driving under the influence, has consequences not only with the standing of your Ontario driver’s license but also your auto insurance and criminal record.

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The severity and frequency of DUI or DWI convictions also determine the scope of consequence:

  • Minimum fine of $600 and a driver’s license suspension of one year, followed by 12 months of driving with an Ignition Interlock device for the first conviction
  • Second conviction can involve a minimum 14 days in jail, 2 year driving prohibition, 3 year license suspension, followed by 2 years of driving with an Ignition Interlock device.
  • Third Conviction includes a minimum of 90 days in jail, 3 year driving prohibition, lifetime license suspension if the convictions all fall within a 10 year time period. Reinstatement of your driver’s license can be applied for after ten years have lapsed.
  • Fourth conviction within a ten year frame period will result in a lifetime driver’s license suspension with no chance to reinstatement.

In addition you’re also looking at:

  • Being required to attend a treatment program.
  • Having your vehicle impounded.
  • Having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle
  • Having a criminal record

DUI Insurance Rates Ontario

Car insurance rates after a DUI in Ontario, Canada can be exceptionally high.  It would be difficult to calculate an average cost of DUI insurance in Ontario, as there are many other factors that make up your insurance premium.

Non-standard auto insurance companies use a point and surcharge based rating system to calculate the cost of car insurance.  The more serious the violation the more points are allocated to your risk profile. The sum of the risk points is added and surcharges are applied to determine the cost of your auto insurance premium.

DUI Car Insurance Brokers Ontario

DUI car insurance brokers are the same as insurance brokers that specialize in high risk auto insurance.

An insurance brokerage that specializes in non-standard auto insurance would be your best choice for arranging your insurance needs.

Look for an insurance brokerage with the most distribution agreements many insurers and also consider a brokerage that wants to help transition you back into the regular market.

DUI Auto Insurance Companies Ontario

The lists of the following DUI car insurance companies require a licensed Insurance Broker of Ontario to facilitate the transaction.  You cannot call the following Insurance companies directly as they would tell you to contact a licensed insurance broker of Ontario.

  1. Jevco Insurance
  2. Perth Insurance
  3. Pafco Insurance
  4. Echelon Insurance
  5. Coachman Insurance
  6. Facility Association

How Long Does A DUI Affect Your Insurance In Ontario?

A DUI or impaired driving conviction will affect your insurance for 6 years. Although a DUI or impaired driving conviction comes off your driving record after 3 years, some car insurance companies may continue to rate for a DUI until 6 years since the conviction has lapsed.  Keep in mind that a DUI remains on your criminal record for 10 years!

How long does a DUI stay on your driving record?

It takes 3 years for a DUI or impaired driving conviction to come off your motor vehicle record (MVR).

It takes 10 years for a DUI or impaired driving conviction to come off your criminal history.

Car Insurance after a DUI Ontario

Getting car insurance after a dui or impaired driving conviction can be a stressful time. Not only do you have to contend with a past mistake but it’s a reminder of how that past mistake will cost you now!

You probably have a good idea that your insurance rates after going to increase after your DUI or DWI. By how much really depends on other factors such as the type of vehicle, how you use the vehicle and your postal code or operating territory.

How much does your insurance go up after a DUI?

It’s difficult to determine how high your car insurance will go up after a DUI.  There are many other factors that are used to calculate your insurance premium.

MADD Canada stated in the Globe and Mail that a typical impaired conviction can see car insurance premiums ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.